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    • i think some ingame changes also need to be made, i know this is a pk server but i think a whole new home base will spice it up and make edgvilll the pking grounds. 
    • Hello everyone! So here is my current plan for Rapidpk. I only have enough money for updates at the moment. My plan is to look for an an investor on some offsites to invest some $ so we can drop that money on advertising. Just stick around you guys!
    • Welcome to Rapid pk enjoy your stay here!
    • 1) Please allow players to sell back items to the pvp store, this will endorse players t pk more often with non stop enjoyment. 2) Add more skilling zones via pets. 3) Fix spectral spirit shield as it drains alot of Melle defence. 4) Please boost more dmg with dh pking. If these can be fixed and implemented this will revolutionise players that only join for pking. {1) i know Is being woken on  respectively yet not sure as it has been 1 week respectively although keep up the good work administration team. Kind regards Cata.
    • Hello Rekt! Glad to have you!
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